Recipe chicken tamales easy homemade tamales recipe

 In today's new recipe we will share with you recipe chicken tamales and it's ingredients. Besides that we will tell you how to make homemade tamales step by step. You can easily customize it in many ways if you want to have a different batch of this recipe. You will not need any Kind of lard and things that shorten the recipe. But still they will be really quick to make and prepare for great meals at home. You can easily store your easy recipe for tamales and enjoy it next time. Even after getting a freeze and becoming older they will be the same taste as they are fresh of the day.

Mexican recipe chicken tamales

The recipe chicken tamales were the recipe I could never make and learn in my mind before I learnt it. But as I learnt it I found that these are one of the most easy recipes I have ever seen. So don't be afraid of it, if you like it and want to make homemade recipe chicken tamales, you will find it easier than you were thinking of it.

In fact they will feel the most easy to make at home and taste it. I can't figure out why I was worrying about this recipe and hesitating. To give it a try for years while they were that easy that I couldn't believe it. Yes they will take some of your time to prepare it and make it ready. They take about 2 hours maximum to give them steam. But at the end they will be in a large quantity that you can serve up to 20 people. Or you can store them for a week to consume. Your dream to have homemade recipe chicken tamales will come true in just 2 hours. And then you can simply enjoy.

Full freezer recipe chicken tamales

If you take your time making the easy recipe for tamales or tamale recipe Mexican. You are definitely going to get paid back, because its not your effort only putting in with no output. The out put for the recipe chicken tamales will amaze you. And at the end you will not just have a single meal but instead you will have a full freezer of recipe chicken tamales for the week or even more.

For more than weeks I have been trying different types of the tamale recipe. But thinking of better one to share with you, finally I found the secret full of flavor recipe. The recipe has not been shared the way it has the right to be. But no worries I have the secret recipe chicken tamale and I will share it right away.

The recipe is never a greasy one or the one who has a ton of oil in it. It has the ultimate flavor you can ever expect from an easy recipe for tamales. It is moist and never a heavy one. On top of all it is customizable for different fillings you can ever think of. It can consist of chicken or beef alongside with vegetable and cheese and other flavors you love. So make your kitchen ready with the ingredients and invite someone to enjoy the time with. And have some tortilla chips to move your jaws over it. Then enjoy the period of making easy recipe for tamales.

Introducing to the recipe chicken tamales

Tamales recipe right? But what is it?

So Tamales recipe is a popular recipe in many of the countries of south america south. It comes from a long time and it is a traditional recipe that many of the people like around the region. But specifically we are talking about the Mexican recipe chicken tamales. It also has so many types in Mexico. But the main recipe is usually consisting of dough or the masa. Usually the recipe get steam while covered in a banana leaf or a husk of the corn. And the corn husk the plays the role of a plate for the tamale recipe Mexican. But we will be using dough in this recipe today. And finally the ingredients in this recipe are highly customizable so you can use different vegetables and chicken or beef.

But we will talk about the specific ingredients which we are using today in this recipe chicken tamales.

Ingredients for tamale recipe Mexican

The easy recipe for tamales needs these ingredients to make it at home.

  • Masa harina: In order to make the dough of corn you will need the corn powder also called masa harina, This is the corn powder to use in this batch.
  • Oil: For the dough we will need some oil and that oil should be one between avocado oil or corn oil. So it is up to you which one you want to use in the recipe chicken tamales.
  • Stock: Choose one between vegetable stock and chicken or beef stock all will work perfectly fine. So you can pick your choice.
  • Seasoning: You can use some cumin that should be ground, and baking powder, and some salt to season.

These are the ingredients for the dough to prepare and now we will share the ingredients for the fillings of the easy recipe of tamales.

Ingredients for filling of tamale recipe Mexican

  • Fillings: As we discussed before in this post that this recipe's ingredients are totally up to you. What ever you want to include you can include easily. You can literally include your leftover taco filling or quesadilla filling in here in the recipe chicken tamales. In fact it is the perfect time to use your any left over in the filling and it is the time to save some things form being thrown. Besides the leftovers you can just become creative and mix up some things and invent your own filling for tamale recipe Mexican. But if you want to get an idea from us for the filling of this recipe so they will usually include.
    • Beef: Any beef that is shredded or cooked will work great in this easy recipe for tamales. You also have the option of browning your beef or some ground beef. Some of the most popular recipes uses some steak in it to make the taste even more great.
    • Chicken: Instead of the beef or the shredded beef you can also use the shredded chicken in your batch. If it seems easy to you then definitely go for it and use some shredded chicken breasts which are boneless.
    • Beans: Black beans are very delicious to use in this recipe and they are very easy too. Or you can use canned beans as well. If you refry them it will be a lot better for to have it as a filling and refrying is actually very easy. It will be a great ingredient in your recipe chicken tamales.
    • Cheese: If you want to have some vegetarian options as a filling then nothing can beat cheese in this way. It is so much delicious and makes the whole recipe very rich flavor. You can also shred your cheese or even use shredded cheese.
    • Vegetables:

      You are always welcome to add as much kinds of veggies as possible. But the main thing here is that all the vegetables you include should be chopped and well sized. And if you roast them then it will be great for the taste of the recipe chicken tamales. The veggies you can possibly use are potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and other things like onion. You can also use some peppers such as well chopped poblano peppers and small pieces of fresh and great taste jalapeno.

    • Sauces: Sauces such as the the green salsa and the easy to make red salsa are really great if you include them.
    • Toppings: Adding a ton of toppings is one of my favorite parts of the recipe chicken tamales. Once I am done with the preparation of the recipe I usually add a ton of the chopped cilantro and some avocadoes and some times the sour cream is also at the top of the list.
  • Corn Husks: Dried corn husks are very important in this recipe as we need them to roll the all the fillings in. So you can use large and wide corn husks which are dried. And if you go for small ones then no problem just cover your fillings by two to of them. We will make some threads of some Husks to tie the rolls with. So the husks are important in any ways.

Making easy recipe for tamales

If you have been thinking that this recipe is not an easy job (Like me). Then it is the time to prove yourself wrong. Because this is actually very easy just follow these steps and you will have your easy recipe for tamales at the end.

  1. Soaking the husks: A big stock pot or a pan with a size of the husks will work for this step. Fit your corn husks in the in the pot and then add some very warm water into it. If the husks tries to float on the surface of water then you need to add some weight at the top of husks. So that the husks soak in the water and totally mix with the water. Then close the lid of the pot and leave it for 30 minutes or keep checking it until it gets soft.
  2. Making masa dough: Put the required amount of the masa in a large pot and add the baking powder, ground cumin and salt to it. Mix it with your hands or the a mixer. The mixer will make the work easy for you. 
  3. Making the fillings: Try some options from the above given options to make the fillings for your easy recipe for tamales. No worries as it will taste the best no regardless of the ingredients of the filling.
  4. Prepare for rolling: This step seems a little complex and hard but believe me it is easy and repetitive. Just lay down the husk and prepare the other ingredients such as the dough for use. The surface to lay the husks should be smooth, put some masa on husks and apply like cream on the surface of the husks.

Using the filling of recipe chicken tamales

  1. Add fillings: Add your fillings to on the center surface of the masa. The quantity of the filling should be 2 or 2.5 table spoons. 
  2. Folding the husks: Fold the husk from down to up vertically and very carefully. Then fold it from one side to other side very carefully and wrap masa and the filling into it. Continue folding it until it forms the shape of a roll. For easy recipe for tamales.
  3. Tying the tamale recipe: Cut 2 or 3 husks into thread like shapes to tie the easy recipe for tamales with. Then try tying the tamales with the thread like thin husks. Tie all the easy recipe for tamales.

Now as the tamales rolls are ready you have to steam it and this will be the final step of this recipe.

Steam the tamales

For steaming the recipe you need to have a strainer. Put all the rolls on the strainer and then add some water to the strainer and then cover with the lid and cook like that for half an hour the masa will be soft now. 

Your favorite tamale is now ready, try your best to serve warm and fresh it is the best part and full of flavor. Just keep in mind not to eat the  husks with the masa and the texture it will just act like a plate for your recipe. After opening the husks add some toppings from the above suggestions and then eat it. Enjoy your recipe chicken tamales :) .

Ingredients for recipe chicken tamales

  1. Dried corn husks as much needed.
  2. Masa harina 500g
  3. Some ground cumin, 1.5 spoons (tea)
  4. Corn oil or olive oil
  5. baking powder 1 spoon (tea)
  6. 6 Cups filling and that could be chicken filling or vegetable filling
  7. Salsa green about a cup
  8. 2 Teaspoon salt

After the recipe chicken tamales

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