Enchilada sauce easy enchilada sauce homemade recipe

 This great and enchilada sauce easy recipe will take minimum of your time to prepare at home. The ingredients we will use in this recipe will be the most easily available at every store. At the end it will satisfy you with its amazing flavor and great taste. Although it takes minimum time ever but still if you are worrying about your time. Then believe me it will be worth it and it will repay your time by the great rich flavor of it. So just manage to have 5 minutes of your time in the kitchen and make this unbelievable enchilada sauce homemade.

My best secret to make your almost all recipes colorful is this enchilada sauce easy. It is a great combination with enchilada but it doesn't mean you can't use it somewhere else at all. The good thing is that this sauce has great combination with all the recipes a it has with enchilada. It will make you amaze every time.

After giving just 5 minutes of your time to this enchilada sauce easy. It will serve you for a long time by preparing just one time, Because you can store it as well. In fact I have been using this amazing enchilada sauce homemade with my favorite enchilada recipe for many years now. And I have been asked a million times about this recipe by friends every time I serve this great recipe.

It doesn't have tomatoes in ingredient list and you don't have to include it as well. Unlike the other sauces it contains some other ingredients and the flavor is all around those blended ingredients. These ingredients the super mild flavor having the oregano, chilli powder, some garlic and cumin. Besides mildness although you can grant it hotness if you want, the recipe flexible.

Introducing to the enchilada sauce easy

Enchilada is one of the most popular traditional street food in Mexico. So it becomes Mexican food recipe and it is usually served with the its famous enchilada sauce easy. The sauce is specially famous for enchiladas however people use it in other ways too. So it is not restrict to be only a serve with enchiladas. But usually many restaurants serve it with the Mexican soups as well which tastes too great with them.

The best part of this enchilada sauce homemade is that it is really quick to make. It will just take you 5 minutes and an additional 15 minutes at the stove so it becomes 20 minutes overall. The recipe we are sharing is the basic one but you can customize it with the hot flavor. It is free of tomatoes naturally but you can add some if you want. The creamy version of this recipe is also very famous so you can do that as well. 

The recipe enchilada sauce easy is entirely vegetarian from base point and you can make it gluten free as well if you want to do so. One thing more special is that the enchilada sauce homemade is preferable than the packed and canned ones by millions of times. Many people are already using it from a long time but if you are yet a new one just go with it without any further wait.

Lets discuss a little about the ingredients of the enchilada sauce easy.

Ingredients of enchilada sauce easy

Before jumping into the details of the enchilada sauce homemade let me tell you. That we are currently on the batch of red enchilada sauce so if you are confusing it with something else please come out of that. After this clarification lets just jump into the ingredients of red enchilada sauce.

  • Flour: Flour is a source of thickening of this sauce so you can use it more or less if you want.
  • Oil: You can use any non flavor oil in it or substitute it with butter as well. This ingredient helps the flour thicken the sauce.
  • Chilli powder: A first and most important seasoning for this sauce. So find great quality of this ingredient to have better taste of the whole recipe.
  • Seasoning: Oregano dried and cumin ground alongside with the garlic powder all of these should be in powder form.
  • Stock: You can use veggie or chicken any one of these but the quality of the stock should be good. This will increase in deep flavor of the enchilada sauce easy.
  • Salt: Use sea salt to season the sauce with at the end, the amount will vary from brand to brand.

After combining all these ingredients we will share the way how to make the enchilada sauce homemade.

How to make enchilada homemade

It is quite simple to make the enchilada sauce recipe easy you just have to follow the steps. The steps are quite easy and simple also very few steps to follow. At the end you will have the enchilada sauce homemade and then enjoy serving it with your favorite recipes and soups.

  • Cooking: Take a small pan usually used for sauce and called as sauce pan. Cook the desired amount of oil and flour in the pan together and then add the the sauces to them and cook for a little while.
  • Simmering: In the way of whisking the chicken or vegetable stock pour it into the flour and oil and don't leave any lumps in it. Now simmer the sauce at low temperature for about 15 minutes or to the thickness you want at low bubble.
  • Seasoning: Season it with the flavors or peppers you want to add and don't forget to season it with salt too.
  • Serving: Serve the best enchilada sauce easy as quick as possible with the recipes you like it. Enjoy it in your meals.

You can also make so many variations of this recipe to make it more delicious. Or you can do that for other purposes as well such as the gluten free version of it.

Gluten free version of enchilada sauce easy

If you want to make your enchilada sauce completely gluten free then you can just do it by following one of these two steps. You can either replace your normal regular flour the gluten free flour and follow the same way of complete recipe. Or you can replace the flour with corn starch, in this case also all the recipe will remain same you just have to substitute the flour with corn starch.

You can also make it creamy, if you want to make it creamy then just add the required amount of strong or so called heavy cream. You will have a great creamy enchilada sauce homemade. 

If you want to make it more spicy or hot just go with ancho Chile powder in case if you want to make it hot. Just add 1 - 2 tea spoons of ancho Chile powder and test the taste. Manage the amount of the powder and it will get the work done. Just like this you can also go with chipotle to make it more smokie. 

You are welcome to add some canned tomatoes to make it with tomatoes. 

Actually you need to become a little creative in this case so just go with all those flavors you love the most. And it will taste amazing.

Ingredients for a specific amount of the sauce

  • Oil: 2 table spoons of olive oil
  • Flour: Same amount as oil (2 tablespoons)
  • Oregano: 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • Stock: 2 cups of your favorite stock, chicken or vegetable
  • Cumin: Cumin powder 0.5 teaspoon 
  • Chilli powder: 2.5 table spoons
  • Salt: the amount you like

Enjoy the best enchilada sauce easy and the enchilada sauce homemade. 

Please share this recipe with friends and family if you like it.

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