Shredded ground Beef Quesadillas Mexican food recipe easy

 This is a Mexican Food easy recipe The Shredded ground beef Quesadillas recipe, The recipe has been taken from the beef Quesadillas available in Maryland in a local park in the city of Washington D.C.

It was the very first time when I had The Mexican food recipe there in a small restaurant, Since then when ever we visit the area either with a group of friends or with my family we have our lunch there. We order the largest Quesadillas they offer at the restaurant.

The people of the area a large population of Hispanic population, They have multiple Latin shops and bakeries. They have so many Mexican food restaurants in the neighborhood. 

Most of the people living there are from Puebla state and they are heavily effected by the Mexican food of their region. For example these Quesadillas are filled with shredded beef and cheese, the yummy tortillas are rounded and filled with Salad, Cheese and shredded beef.

They also contain a small amount of chillies.

My first bite was full of taste and I was amazed. I was actually surprised about how much deep the Mexican food culture is, I thought about a small restaurant in a small park in the middle of no where have this amazing recipe.

I wanted to ask about the meat from the waiter. She said they have used the shank of beef. Without any doubt the food was deeply meat flavored and tasty.

The meat of near areas of bone always tastes like this!

Don't forget for the next time whenever you make hind of beef or soup with vegetables make sure to add the shank of, and use the deep taste of shank. You will find yourself shocked by the taste of this small piece of meat.

Now lets come to the recipe, How to make ground beef Quesadillas?

Beef Quesadilla recipe


keep the meat and bones in a pot with half onion and 2 garlic cloves. Add the inlet leaf and cover with 2 cups of water. Cook until the meat is delicate. (On the off chance that utilizing an Instant Pot, as I usually cook it, for half an hour minutes.) 

After cooling of the meat you can shred it now. Take the bone marrow out of the bones and mix with the meat. You can through the bones now. 

Add the needed amount of salt.

Blend the one and a half cups of masa-harina with the one and a quarter cups of water to shape a delicate mixture (use some more water if necessary). Separation the mixture into 4 enormous balls. 

Fold every masa ball into a log shape, at that point place between 2 plastic sheets and press down utilizing your tortilla press or a glass pie dish. This will shape an enormous oval tortilla. 

Cook the tortilla on a preheated iron, turning twice. When the tortilla is cooked, stuff with the destroyed cheddar and meat and top with the lettuce, cream, and cheddar.

If you don't know how to make tortillas you can check our post chipotle flavored tortillas.

I hope after preparing this dish you will love the Mexican food recipe of beef Quesadillas. Many of you will definitely will add the recipe to their favorite recipes ever.


1. 1.5 lb of hind of beef and shank.

2. 1lb bone marrows from a butcher shop

3. Half onion 

4. 2 cloves of garlic

5. 1 Leaf, better to be bay leaf

6. 1 and a quarter cup of corn 

7. 1 and a half cup of water

8. salt 

Some hot spices will further increase in the taste.

Tortillas are not necessary to be chipotle flavor however it will add an extra boom to the taste of the dish. 

The dish should be cooked on a normal flame and should be prevented from burning.

The meat needs to be shank.

The dish can also increase the beauty of your table and can also be served as a single dish. Ground beef Quesadillas are famous Mexican food. Must try it!

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