Salsa recipe fresh, how to make salsa homemade easy recipe

 The salsa recipe homemade is one of the most famous Mexican food recipe easy. And salsa recipe homemade is the recipe which you should try in any condition. And there are many reasons behind it. It is also very easy for starters in cooking.

So many people with so many of the Mexican dishes on the table. Some of those dishes are types of meat, fish tacos, taquitos, fried fish and so many others. The salsa recipe is a normal recipe which people serve with any of the Mexican dishes. Also it can be served with the dishes of other food cultures.

So this is one of the reasons why you should try the Salsa recipe.

An other reason for salsa recipe is that this is total work of a few minutes work and you already don't have to cook things like in other dishes preparation. So these are few reasons why you should try this Mexican food recipe authentic.

There is no such a grilled food in Mexico along which the salsa recipe homemade is not served with. It is very common in Mexico that it is also served on the famous food chains as well. It is also served in many of the Mexican restaurants in the US.

After learning The salsa recipe fresh you will be able to make it even in under 10 minutes. So that's why it becomes recipe for the time of hurry. When you don't have much time and need some thing extra to be served on your table urgently. Or if someone has come over and you don't good things in fridge so this salsa recipe fresh will boos the beauty of your table. It will not let you down in terms of hospitality.

How to make Salsa homemade

If you have some guests or someone special and you don't want to miss the party with them. Just grab some snacks or chips and make this salsa recipe fresh and boom you are ready to go and party. 

You can also store this home made salsa recipe for quite a long time in the fridge.

Now coming to the taste of it is that the taste is totally adjustable, Means it is up to you how much spicy do you want it and how much of salt and other ingredients you want in it. All you need is just first try and you can estimate how much of which taste you want on your table.

So this is pretty simple and quite cool too. Because it takes very less of your time and less of your effort even less of the ingredients. And on top of all you don't have to worry about it that whether it will burn or you will have a perfect thing out of it. Because you are not cooking any thing so that if you forget then it will burn.

You are pretty sure you will have the best Salsa recipe fresh at the end so you are not worried to start making it or buy something from the store instead.

And I am all sure that you will like this and start using this on daily basis. 

The best ingredients to be used in salsa recipe fresh homemade

So the first and most important ingredient of today is tomato. If you have the perfect tomatoes, Then you don't have worry any more about any thing. Tomatoes plays quite an important role in salsa. The juicy tomatoes are unbeatable in this case. In Mexico there are some tomatoes called as "Roma" tomatoes and that is generally used to make Salsa recipe.

Some restaurants also use steak tomatoes which are called "de bola tomates" in Mexico. These also work perfectly in this recipe. Generally the tomatoes of last summer are the best for any thing and that is what you should look for. They have sweetness which also comes to your salsa recipe.

What about canned tomatoes in salsa recipe home made?

Personally I haven't used them so much but one of my friends work in a restaurant kitchen. He told me that their restaurant also uses canned tomatoes when they don't find the best tomatoes in a large quantity. 

So what they do, They use half amount of fresh tomatoes and half of canned tomatoes and serve this with chips tortilla.

is salsa recipe fresh long lasting?

 I have seen many people asking in comments about the duration of it's life. It is when they make salsa and they never find the time to use it. Or if they make it in a large quantity then they don't want to simply waste it. Then they ask such questions. so for them I will explain the whole thing that how long does it last and how can you save it for more longer if you think you can't finish it in the next few days.

Generally it totally depends on the quality and type of your tomatoes which you have used while making salsa recipe homemade.

Since we are not cooking it it will last about 4 days in the best condition if you store it in the fridge in a sealed pot. You can use it for a week but you will have it best in 4 days.

In a situation when you don't want to waste your Salsa recipe fresh and you have made a lot of it. Then you can simply cook it and store it for a little longer. 

And the way how you can cook it is very simple.

Just heat one table spoon vegetable oil in a pan. And add the Salsa to it and just fry it for 10 minutes on medium heat. You are done. But don't store it in fridge before it cools down. 

Then you can have it for almost 10 days from the day when you made it.

How to make Salsa homemade recipe fresh?

Salsa recipe homemade is traditionally with:


  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Cilantro 

Roughly chop the tomatoes and make it ready for blender. Now put the tomatoes that are already chopped, chopped onion garlic cloves, and peppers in the blender. Run the blender for about 45-60 seconds and you are done.

That's how simple this is. 

Now put it in a pot and add some required amount of salt to it. If you want to store it, Seal the pot or container in which you want to store it.

Enjoy it anywhere you want to serve it.


  • Most of the times people use blender to get the to do it but if you don't have any blender available at the moment then you can use a mixer or any thing that can get the job do it for you.
  • You can always adjust the quantity and types of peppers according to your needs and your taste.
  • You can use red or green onions if you don't have white, But white onions are probably preferable.
  • The quantity of garlic is adjustable but I suggest small quantity.
  • You can also use Cilantro on top of it as well if you don't to blend it with other ingredients.

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