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 When you visit some Mexican restaurants in a row. You will be surprised that the recipe of Torta is very similar to each others. In all those restaurants the recipe of Torta will be like ol sandwich. However all the local recipes and dishes should be like the Torta same to each others in every area of mexico.

Although there is no big difference in the chicken Torta and a chicken sandwich. They are very similar to each others and act like the same visually in many cases. But the taste of the Torta is a total new world for a person who is trying for the first time. But do you know what is the thing which makes the recipe of torta so much different and special from a sandwich?

Well there are some ingredients which we might not use in a large amount but they are very important. As they act as the key ingredients for the taste of Torta recipe. They make the taste of recipe of Torta totally different from just a sandwich.

So after utilizing those ingredients it will no longer be a sandwich. It will be the boom of taste the Tortaaaa.

Torta recipe Mexican with cilantor lime

The combo of the Cilantro lime is definitely the thing. Which will make you love the recipe and keep making it for your self again and again. It is a kind of a special sauce. which you will need to add in all the types of chicken recipes. And that will definitely worth you use again and again in your recipes.

Lets take a quick look at the ingredients of today. We will be using these ingredients in our todays recipe of torta.

Torta recipe Mexican

A small amount of mayonnaise which is obviously the key factor of the sauce for the torta recipe Mexican. The amount of the mayonnaise should be a bit lesser than a cup. This is the basic thing we are preparing of the upcoming taste boom. Some sprigs of cilantro which you can decide the amount how much combo boom you need. Maybe 15-20 as the amount of mayonnaise is lesser than a cup. But it is totally adjustable if you increase amount of cilantro.

two table spoons of lime which will become 1 juice at the end. A clove of garlic is also a part of our Torta recipe Mexican today. A quarter jalapeno, some fresh black peppers and some salt to be used in the end. All these are the ingredients for our todays great Mexican recipe.

So these are the ingredients for the sauce which we will be using in in Torta recipe.

Combine all these ingredients in a blender and whirl it. The combination of these should not be a problem. But if it is not combining together in the blender use a bit of water to combine it.

Now you have prepared the main thing of the day. This sauce we will be later using in the Torta recipe Mexican. And never under estimate this this sauce because it is not less than a taste bomb. Check the taste of the sauce and you can feel the lime and cilantro flavor at the top. If not a good taste of them you can add some more whichever of them is needed.

Replace the mayonnaise

There is black and white copy of this sauce used in the sub-continent India and Pakistan. And they use sure yogurt instead of the mayonnaise and that also tastes really well and cannot be underrated as well. So if you don't want to use mayonnaise you can replace the mayonnaise with yogurt as well. But the taste will remain the same even some people may like yogurt over mayonnaise.

I usually cook every thing myself while at home. I like the taste of recipe of Torta and it is a usual part of my meals. But in case of emergency it is the only option for me because the sauce is already in the fridge. So it make my way easy and fast if I don't have lot of time.

I put the butter in a baking pot and apply it to the bottom of the dish and walls as well if needed. Then place the chicken breasts gently in the pot when the butter is melted. Then apply ground chilli and pepper to the chicken breasts with a big heart. Means not to be miser applying the these things to the chicken breasts.

Ancho Chile powder is the combo and some ground chillies.

Bake the chicken on a mild heat approximately 450F to remove the pinkness of the chicken breasts in the middle. It will take you about 12-15 minutes to remove the pinkness of breasts. After giving it a round of the oven cover the surface the pot with foil paper. And take some time.

For me usually the brine chicken has the most value. I brine chicken with salt before using them to bake this leads to an amazingly soft and juicy chicken. But you can still use them normal just clean them well.

How to brine the chicken breasts for use in recipe for Tortas 

Take a quarter cup of salt and mix it with water in a deeper pot. The water should be warm tap water. Soak the chicken breasts in it from half an hour to a hour maximum. The salt will make it long lasting of losing water during the cook time. Then it will take much longer to lose its water than usual while cooking it.

So the main taste of the recipe for tortas is waiting in the last corner of the room having the whole taste in it. So the best part for the chicken breasts is to brine them. Keep the brined chicken ready.

We should a few more thing to fix before we make them ready for meal. The more we focus on making it perfect the more it will taste like a pro item. 

Okay so one thing more, Sandwiches are the best when they are hot. I have noted these points so many times in Turkey where the food culture circulates around the sandwiches. And the best sandwiches I observed there were the hot sandwiches with the, Pickled jalapenos in them. 

If you are not a fan of pickled jalapenos. And you are not willing to add the jalapenos to it then you can go with an extra lime and cilantro batch. That will probably cover the missing part of taste for you. 

Choosing the bread for torta

The usual bread people use for tortas is the bolillo. Some of the costumers at restaurants are usually thinking that is the usual sandwich bread. But whoever tastes it, becomes the fan of it. If you don't find the bolillo sandwich roll bread you can go with the normal sandwich bread. It is the easiest thing for the recipe of torta. 

When the bread becomes too much the ratio of chicken and bread turns bad. Then you should discard the inner soft part of the bread from it and heat it up with the chicken breasts when they are in their final minutes. It will decrease the very softness of the bread which is I personally like.

Some fresh avocado slices are definitely recommended if you wan to add this thing too, 

So the thing we all were waiting for is finally ready Torta!!!

Okay so if you forget the cilantro sauce you are definitely crazy, That is the thing which differs it with a usual sandwich and a torta. Put a great amount of the sauce into the sandwich and see how it tastes. Amaaaazing right??


  • Pickled jalapenos are optional but recommended
  • 1 Avocado
  • Normal sandwich roles 
  • Chicken breasts
  • Butter 1 table spoon
  • Cheese

For seasoning

  • Ground black pepper
  • Mexican Chilli grounded 1 table spoon
  • Half teaspoon salt


  • Apply a tablespoon cheese to a pre heated baking pot, The pot should be deeper and also apply cheese to the walls of the pot if the chicken is touching the walls.
  • Season the chicken breasts with the with the Mexican ground chilli, Ancho Chile powder (optional). Should be seasoned with great amount of chilli.
  • Put the Seasoned chicken in the oven for 12-15 minutes until its pinkness goes. Once it is ready cover the pot with foil paper and let it wait a little before it is served.
  • Blend a few sprigs cilantro along with mayonnaise, 1 lime water, a clove of garlic and jalapenos. Season it with a little salt and fresh ground pepper. Mix well add some water if they are not combining. Give them a whirl in the blender. take a taste and add some more lime if needed.
  • If the bread is large and cannot maintain the ratio with chicken discard the inner side of it. Then bake it for last 2-3 minutes in the chicken.
  • Make slices of the chicken add them to the bread to make sandwiches. Add slices of avocado and use large amount of the sauce which we made in the blender.
  • Keep in mind the sauce is the main thing. And you can add some more lime or sauce if needed.

You can always use flour tortillas instead of sandwich rolls. for more recipes check out our website

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