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Introducing to The recipe of chimichanga

The Mexican food industry is very wast and large. Besides all the things the Mexican foods are very much famous around the world. There are lovers of Mexican foods in every corner of the world. In the Mexican rich food culture and varieties of so many amazing dishes there are many types of foods as well. Some of them are appetizers. And the recipe of chimichanga is a Mexican appetizer usually the people use shredded chicken or beef in it.

But like all the other dishes the recipe of chimichanga also have different types. And many people make The recipe of chimichanga in so many different ways and with different things. But the one which is fairly famous and the people likes it is the chicken chimichanga recipe. 

So our today's whole topic will be circulating around the chicken chimichanga recipe and how to make a chimichanga? 

There is use of several things while making the recipe. The main and important things among them are chicken or beef meet, but we will be using chicken for todays batch. We will use beans and cheese. And then to role up with we will use tortilla as well. And that is the most important part if you don't wat to eat with spoon. 

So that will not be a chimichanga too. And after going through we will role it in a flour tortilla and fry it or bake it. Oh they will be satisfying crispy and yummy.

Steps to make chimichanga

If someone ask me what is the step which makes it the best thing. I will definitely say to fry the roll. Amongst all these steps of making the chimichanga recipe chicken and combining the ingredients I will give priority to the step of frying it. I mean this is the step when it becomes a fried crispy. How would this not be delicious?

While growing up I have always seen my elders making the great chicken breast chimichangas especially my mom. So I would definitely know this thing better than any other thing. 

The homemade type of food which just amazing and unbelievable. It will serve you with its amazing different layers of flavors and will make you full until it is the time to eat once again. 

One thing more I like about this recipe is it always takes less time than I expect. And that is the case for me all the time. On the other side this is a less time consuming recipe by itself. Moreover you can still have some time saving steps which may make the recipe of chimichanga really quick for you. 

For example you can use the stored salsa and the canned. I usually use the store bought guacamole. And these ready to use things really save my times. These can also be extremely beneficial when you have someone come over and you need something quick to be made. 

Some people even use store bought tortillas. But I would not prefer that because most of the times store bought tortillas are not in such a quality. That may even make the experience of whole chimichanga. So keep away from that.

So in a nut shell, we'll be filling the flour tortillas with some of the great fillings like shredded chicken.

Ingredients for the recipe of chicken Chimichanga

How to make a chimichanga? this is the question I have been noticing in the comments for a long time. Now I got the chance to clear these questions with recipe of chimichanga.

We will be using these ingredients to make this chimichanga recipe chicken.

  • Some oil, better to be vegetable oil but not a big matter
  • Boneless chicken, breasts are preferred
  • Sour cream, It will unbelievably boos the taste
  • Some garlic cloves 
  • Tomato sauce
  • Onion, better to be yellow, 
  • Chicken broth to moisturize the filling with 
  • Coriander 
  • Ground chilli
  • Fried beans 
  • Tortillas
  • Cheese


This is how to make a chimichanga

  1. Finely chop the onions
  2. Add them to a pre warm skillet with vegetable oil and cook them until it turns brown
  3. Sprinkle the spices 
  4. Add the sauce (tomato sauce) then add some water to the same and keep cooking until the mixture it becomes thick 
  5. Mix the chicken breasts and some sour cream and add them to the mixture
  6. Apply some cheese to the tortillas and then apply the refried beans
  7. Fill the tortillas with the mixture and fold them to a nice burrito shape
  8. Fry the burrito shaped chimichangas until it turns red

Hello chicken chimichanga recipe, welcome :)

Serve as fresh as possible and fill the deep hunger in you. I am sure the chimichanga recipe will satisfy you.

Now some more points about it! Some people like an other kind of meat instead of chicken so yes you can use beef as well and replace it with the chicken, the other ingredients and instruction will remain unchanged. You can also bake the chimichangas and skip the part of frying it in oil, that will also taste great as the filling inside the tortilla is moist and soft so it will not become hard.

As you may have noticed we skipped an ingredient guess which one? If you guessed salsa then you are right.

You can add salsa to the filling as well ass you can season it with salsa both will taste great. You can also use some other sauce also at the top it is totally up to you. 

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