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Introducing to the recipe for Guacamole chipotle

You always like easy and quick recipes right? And that's what we bring it for you. Today we will share with you the the guacamole homemade recipe. Recipe for guacamole chipotle is quite an easy and quick to make recipe. And it will always amaze you by its taste and it will always hit the party for you. On top of that the recipe for guacamole chipotle is a quick to make recipe as well. As it will never take you more then a few minutes for total preparation. And then you will enjoy the taste of it all the time.

guacamole recipe easy home made

Guacamole is an amazingly delicious Mexican dish used as a sauce or a dip in meals. Matter how great your meals are the guacamole homemade is going to double the taste of your meals. There are also other kinds of guacamole homemade but recipe for guacamole chipotle is definitely the best. Some people call it as a sauce as well. And many people use it as a filling in tortillas with other ingredients of their different recipes. 

So it is easy for anyone to say it is a very famous Mexican food and a very easy to make. 

We will be using the ripe avocados in this recipe and it may become your life time best recipe for guacamole chipotle. 

Making the recipe for guacamole

My experience of making guacamole homemade is so much and from a long time. Whenever I make recipe for guacamole chipotle and serve it. My family loves it and always talk about it is because I make it in a very experienced way. If I say that I have made the recipe more than hundreds of times I will never be wrong. 

As we talked about before that there are many uses of guacamole has many uses in Mexican food culture. That is why you should give it a try and learn it for future. As it is easy you should never hesitate to miss this amazing recipe.

We will be using the normal fresh ingredients in this recipe. Avocado is the main ingredient of this authentic guacamole recipe. As the name of this recipe we will also use chipotle to boost the taste of it. An other thing that we will use a pinch of cumin in it, by using cumin the recipe will become so much rich flavor. 

By combining the ingredients for the recipe for guacamole chipotle. The balanced taste will make you go crazy. It is totally balanced rich flavor, its not very salted or like lemon. Neither it is like very spicy by using chipotles. Unlike all of these conditions it is very balanced and very rich flavor recipe.

We have already discussed before that there are so many ways people serve the guacamole recipe easy. Such as they use it while filling quesadillas, they top up all their Tex-Mex dishes and also with tortilla chips in a bowl. So there are unlimited ways people use it. And it will never let you down when you guacamole recipe easy on the table. 

Ingredients of guacamole recipe easy

  • Onion: The mild taste of red onions plays an important role in this guacamole recipe easy. It makes the whole recipe taste mild.
  • Jalapeno: If you do not like jalapeno or not available at the moment you may use serrano the peppers as well.
  • Avocado: The main ingredient of this recipe of guacamole.
  • Cilantro: If you don't like it, its up to you, you can use it or skip it. Its not a big deal for the recipe.
  • Chopped tomatoes: In a well chopped size. Not the very small.
  • Cumin powder: This is very important because it always make the taste of it unite together. So we will use ground cumin.
  • Salt: The sea salt is better to be used.
  • Chipotle in adobo: This will make the taste more better and hot.
  • Lime: The last thing is fresh lime juice.

Now these are the ingredients for the guacamole recipe easy. I am using the word easy again and again because it is actually very easy to prepare and serve. It may take only 10 minutes for you to prepare from start to end. And this is the thing I like the most about it. Because you don't have much free time everyday. So you can just take a break of up to 10 minutes and make it ready quickly. 

Now lets move on to the process of making the recipe.

How make guacamole homemade

  1. In the first step we will piece our avocados, So lets pic up avocados put them on a flat surface. And start mashing them, you can mash them with a spoon as well as with a fork or any other similar tool to get the job done for you. You can mash it to the size you want. I personally like it in the condition when it still contains some chunks not the creamy one. So looking at your choice mash the avocados with a spoon or fork.
  2. Now combine the other remaining ingredients such as Lime juice, salt, chipotle, the powder of cumin or ground cumin, jalapeno, chopped onion and tomatoes one by one.
  3. Now stir the newly prepared mixture well and it will be mixed.
  4. Season it with salt, (Sea salt is recommended). Take a taste again and add some more salt if required. 
  5. You can increase any thing you want looking at the taste. You want more hot, you can use some more chipotle chunks and mix it. If you want herbal taste add some more cilantro and mix it. If you want it sour add some more lime juice. So you can increase the amount of ingredients.
  6. Serve it to your friends and family they must be waiting :)

How to store it

The recipe for guacamole chipotle have a long life with you if you take proper care of it during storing it in the fridge. To store it properly you have to put all the amount of guacamole homemade in a bowl and warp the surface of it with plastic. Then it will have up to 2 weeks life. But recommended is as fresh as possible. However it lasts long.

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