Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe, Tortilla recipe

 Mexican tortilla chipotle flavored great right? 

We are back with an other recipe of Mexican delicious food recipe.

Today We will share another great food recipe and that is Chicken Tortilla soup, This recipe will make fire, it contains tomatoes which will be roasted and a slice taste of spices and tendered chicken, tasty cheese, green fresh avocado, and some slices of tortilla which will be spicy and fried. Believe me you will not have such a food even in restaurants.

How to make Chicken Tortilla Soup

The roasted tomatoes will provide the essence spice taste in the soup. also the Mexican Chiles does the same work but by combining these two the taste becomes amazing.

A version of Chilaca Chile are Pasilla Chiles, the shape is long and taste is spicier.

A Spanish Chile called Ancho Chile will be added, Ancho Chile is the most tasty Chile in Mexican Chiles and also have a mild sweetness. With a shape of triangle is the most common in mexico.

Ingredients to make it ready

1. Cabbage 

2. Limes

3. Cheese

4. Ancho Chiles

5. Canola oil

6. Avocados

7. Olive 

8. Tomatoes 

9. Onion

10. Chicken thighs 

11. Chicken breasts

12. Water

13. Salt

14. Garlic

15. pepper

The way to make Mexican Food recipe Chicken tortilla soup

First take some water in a deep pot and boil the Chicken thighs and the breasts for half a hour on a mild flame. After half a hour remove the pot from the flame and pot at a side to cool down.

Fry the available type of Chile in the Olive oil make sure not to use the oil more than a table spoon. Fry it on high flame.

Take care of the Chile more, Not to burn it.

take a wide plane pot to roast the tomatoes in and heat up the chicken.

Remove the skin of roasted tomatoes carefully.

Put a small amount of olive oil in a deep pot and heat it on a high flame for a six minutes.

Now add the thighs and breasts of chicken. 

Add the required amount of salt pepper and spices.

We hope you will definitely try the recipe as this is one of the simplest and easy to make dishes in Mexican food culture. As we take so much time to write and click the photos for you now its your turn to taste it.

Mexican Chicken tortilla soup is a table hero and adds its big chunk of taste to meals.

Use more vegetables in it to make it more tasty and boost the taste of chicken in it.

How to store the soup?

As ordinary dishes Chicken tortilla soup also takes long and can be served later, use the plastic of pots to cover the surface containing the soup and put the pot in refrigerator. You can serve it later on a family dinner table.

If you don't know how to make chipotle flavored tortillas check out this post.

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