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 This time we have chose the crispy and one of the most tasty Mexican sea food, This is the recipe which is famous for the name Pescadillas and they will water your mouth even by thinking but when you have eaten it before.

The corn tortillas are also used in this recipe of fish tacos we will use some extra boomers like tacos salsa which is delicious.

fish tacos recipe

Our whole state love the Mexican sea food, and this love runs in the blood of the people of Tamaulipas which is my home state and it is near main gulf of Mexico coast. And due to the reason we are near to ocean there is a bunch of small rivers in all areas of the state.

Sea food is very abundant in the area and even some of the people consider small scale fishing as a sport and the compete each others in single stick fishing regularly. It means fishing has taken a space as a sport in the community. 

So its not a new thing to say Mexican sea food is very popular there because it is a very important part of the community.

Jumping to the topic of recipe

Pescadillas?? what are they? Well they are different recipe than the recipe for fish tacos in two things. One of them is the fish is not put as a whole in Quesadilla instead it is cooked so much that it becomes small pieces and breaks a part, then the fish is cooked in a sauce of tomatoes which contains garlic, onion, and spices for taste. 

And then it is cooked until the large amount of water is evaporated and fish is totally broken, then it is used in pescadillas.

The other thing that makes pescadillas different is that the complete piece of taco is fried, in this process toothpics are used as a lock for the pescadillas during the process of frying. The toothpicks are inserted in such a manner that the pescadilla remains closed any way.

How make fish tacos with left behind baked fish? It is not important for the recipe of fish tacos to use raw fish or by fresh because the fish has to be broken during cook time, that's why if you have some fish baked and left this is the perfect time to save that leftovers from being thrown.

Cooking Recipe of Fish tacos

Use a pan to hot the olive oil at a medium high temperature until it becomes hot. Chop the onion in normal size and use the in the hot olive oil, cook about 2 minutes until the onion becomes transparent.

Now add Mexican oregano, tomatoes and the leaf of bay. before covering the pan stir them and cover the pan. Cook them for about 3 minutes.

Remove the cover of pan (lid) and put the pieces of fish in the sauce. Put the lid again on it and cook for almost 6 minutes. 

During these 6 minutes the fish will not break fully so you have to help breaking with a spoon or a fork.

Keep in mind evaporating the liquid is one of the most important part of recipe for fish tacos so you have to let the liquids evaporate easily.

Let it cook without cover to let the liquids evaporate for 4 minutes. Sprinkle salt and pepper and stir well.

Now Form and Make fish tacos

Cold tortillas usually break quite easily so you have to warm them fine each side on a medium heat each side and cover them after warming and keep them aside.

Take a normal size pan and warm some vegetable oil in it over medium heat.

Place the fish a little small amount than usual in a tortilla so that you make sure it does not goes up to the edges of the tortilla.

Now fold the tortilla in a well manner and then pick up the toothpicks and insert them in such a manner that it goes through the fish tacos and comes back to the side from which it started entering.

Use 2 toothpicks per fish tacos and close them in a well manner.

Place the pescadillas in the already heated oil and fry them until the color becomes brownish. Now do the same for all of the fish tacos.

remove the toothpicks after frying.

And Finally you have made your Fish tacos ready.


To fill
1: 2 table spoon oil of olive
2: one third cup of onion (chopped)
3: 1 chopped garlic clove 
4: ciced tomatoes 2 cups
5: half a table spoon oregano
6: A large leaf of bay
7: pepper and salt
8: Fish

To fry
1: corn tortillas 
2: toothpicks 
3: vegetable oil

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The best Ever Mexican sea food recipe of fish tacos is really amazing and rich flavored dishes ever, It will increase the beauty and taste of your meals.
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