Flour tortillas recipe how make flour tortillas at home

 You have been in love with tortillas, specially with flour tortillas. But have you ever tried to make the same tortillas at home? and how make flour tortillas at home. After going through this flour tortillas recipe. You will be able to skip the tortillas of stores and make it at home.

When I tried tortillas for the first time it was really not worth it. It was hard and not a good taste. They were not well bubbled in the oven. And guess what? They were store bought tortillas. So store products are not always so good to be consumed.

But homemade tortillas? More delicious in taste, easy, relatively cheap and a fun to do it at home.

flour tortilla recipe

So lets learn how make flour tortillas at home? Lets close the topic and start making flour tortillas at home.

A quick look at the ingredients

  • Normal all purpose kitchen flour
  • Sheep or goat lard
  • salt
  • water

Yes that's how easy and simple it is. Before start making them lets just clear the topic of lard. Many of you will have a natural repulsion but that might not be the case. If you use The Lamb or goat lard which is creamy have no smell and not concentrated at all.

That might even taste well to you even if you take taste of lard alone. And the taste of that lard will not disturb while eating the tortillas. When unsaturated it becomes the most clean and becomes like olive oil or the regular cooking oil. So you should not stay away from this recipe because of the word "lard". Because its lamb lard and its clean.

If still you are not convinced then yes you can make it with the normal vegetable oil.

You may find the sheep lard with the nearest meat shop and butchers. It also available in stores sometimes. And the usually keep it in freezers.

And yes you can use your own sheep lard as well. It is easy and will facilitate you for many months while keeping it in the fridge.

We are using this (homemade sheep Lard) as well in todays flour tortillas recipe. But its never a requirement in the flour tortilla recipe. As discussed before you can use both of them.

Okay coming back to the topic.

Put the flour in a pot and stir some salt as well into it. Now you can add the lard as well. Now break the large pieces of lard with fingers and mix them with flour. Mix the lard well with the salty flour. Once done then add tap water should be a little warm.

Cooking of tortillas

Mix all of the thing well with your hand and stir it. Well stir it once again and then put the hole amount of mixture on a smooth surface. Also combine the small pieces of the mixture and put it with the large amount of mixture. 

Keep kneading the mixture until it unites in one piece. Then give it a ball shape. Now cover the surface of the ball with a sheet and rest for half an hour. The elasticity will end by waiting for 30 minutes. 

Now distribute the larger ball shaped mixture into small pieces. The pieces should be golf ball sized and should be round.

If you are not in hurry let these small balls wait again for a few minutes. Otherwise its not necessary. Now roll the balls out into a diameter of around 6 inches should not be very thick but a little thin.

Some people leave them in an irregular shape and just cook them. Which is not good at all. If you are making something and compromising over your time. It should be beautiful and delicious. And after is being ready it gives a relaxing feel if its beautiful. And the person who makes it becomes more committed to cooking and happy from his own work.

The normal rolling pin will get the job done easily. 

Cooking flour tortilla

If the roll sticks to the surface use some dry flour to dust the surface. Now put it on a preheated skillet or comal on medium high heat. 

keep cooking it on the same heat. It will finally start making bubbles. But keep cooking. Keep in mind checking the lower surface time to time and be carful of burning it. Turn it on the other side when the color of the bubbles or the whole surface is brownish. 

After flipping it do the same for the second side too.

Keep the other side cooking for the same duration. Check if its done. The light brown spots indicates the perfectness of the tortilla recipe.

Take the ready tortilla and keep it aside to cool down. And continue doing the same for all tortillas. Don't be over confident at the first batch because it burns easily. And you would not believe that in the same amount of time it burnt. So be cautious.

The full batch will become 12 great flour tortillas.

Keep in mind while you setting one aside when ready don't put it on a plastic or a covered pot. It will combine the steam and make it sweaty. It will not last long in this case.

Now its ready and you can enjoy them.

Remember flour tortillas lasts long if kept in the fridge even for weeks. So you can stock your kitchen in advance by tortillas.

Ingredients used in flour tortilla recipe

  1. 2.5 cups regular flour (all purpose)
  2. 2.5 tablespoon lamb or goat lard
  3. 1.25 teaspoon salt
  4. 1 cup tap water

These are the amounts of ingredients for 12 tortillas and you can increase or decrease them as per your needs.

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