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 The chicken enchiladas easy recipes are really easy to prepare at home and less time consuming recipe. And because it is very easy to customize with your own favorite taste. So that is why I love them. You can also include the fillings you like the most and also you can season them with the spices you love the most. You will always find them the best recipe for your meals. And if you have never had them before then just be ready it is going to be your favorite recipe for sure.

Introducing to the Chicken enchiladas easy recipes

chicken enchiladas recipe
This is now a days my very favorite recipe and I feel so proud that I am able to make them in a very authentic way. Even if it is my favorite now a days still my relation with them is not so new. I was impressed by the this recipe many years ago. And still I can remember the days. When I used to make Chicken enchiladas easy recipes for consecutive 3 or more days. Because I was just in love with chicken enchiladas in white sauce.

But since we are in the introduction section. So let me tell you that originally the chicken enchiladas bake recipe comes from Mexico. It is a Mexican cuisine. And in simple words "In the recipe of chicken enchiladas in white sauce we roll a tortilla with some fillings in it". These fillings might be different in many different cases. In most of the cases mutton, beef or chicken meat is used as the main part of the filling.

The filling always has beans potatoes and vegetables. However because the chicken enchiladas in white sauce is a very famous recipe that is why the fillings most of the times differs. 

This flexibility makes the recipe even more special. Because large amount of people are making it according to their own desires and flavors they like. So the recipe is customizable. 

How to choose the tortilla?

In this Tex-Mex type of the chicken enchiladas easy recipes we will use chicken meat. The main thing of this recipe will be chicken. And todays all topic will be the chicken. And other ingredients like cheese, tomatoes, beans and other little things all varies as your choice. 

But the tortilla plays quite an important role in this recipe. So we should be careful to choose that. We will be baking the chicken enchiladas bake until it gets like melting. So that is quite a higher temperature for the it and it changes the tortilla a little bit. 

The flour ones are a little soft than the corn ones. However unlike the flour tortillas the corn tortillas are harder and has less moisture in it. And after baking it with the chicken enchiladas bake it becomes even more harder and crispy type. It tastes however very good in the same stage but some of the people don't like crispy. They instead like soft and full of moisture.

So it is up to you if you like the crispy type of roll you better choose the corn tortilla. Or if you are a fan of more soft rolls then you should give a try to the flour tortilla with your chicken enchiladas bake. After choosing your choice in this you will really be amazed by the rich taste of the recipe.

Ancho Chiles in Chicken enchiladas easy recipes

The Mexican Chiles has their different and special place for them. And without the dried Chiles the beautiful Mexican food culture will really be missing a great taste. These dried and great hot Chiles provides a special boom and a great combo to the foods. So many people are fans of using Chiles in many different recipes. So as we discussed before that this recipe is customizable you can add the Ancho Chiles to the chicken enchiladas in white sauce. If you like hot food, you will love the result of it in the end.

I like the homemade batch of them because they are very easy to store. Whenever I am on making the it I always make more than one or two meals. Because I know they are not going to expire or become old. Also they are very easy to reuse them. Just take them out of the freezer and heat them in the oven and they are ready just like fresh ones. 

Even the last week I had someone came over by chance I had chicken enchiladas easy recipes. I enjoyed spending all the time with my guest and at the time of meal I just heated them and served them. That's all I did and the best ever food was ready.

Whenever I have served this recipe, it always added up in the beauty, taste and joy of that table. All have liked them. They are just as rich flavor as you are taking from a great restaurant. 

Now lets learn how to make the recipe!

Ingredients of chicken enchiladas

  • Chicken: Chicken is the main ingredient of this recipe so it should be in great quality. I prefer the breasts of chicken without bones/boneless. You can also head over to use cooked chicken in shredded form.
  • Oil: Any vegetable oil you can use but olive oil is recommended.
  • Salt: Freshly cracked sea salt.
  • Cheese: Any soft and shredded cheese will taste good but you can choose your favorite too.
  • Tortillas: Normal thick tortillas no matter if they are corn or flour, as mentioned in details you can choose your favorite. The flour ones will be easy for you to roll it.
  • Beans: Any beans will work greatly but the canned are not preferable but they still do work.
  • Ancho Chiles: These are optional and it is up to you if you like it to taste hot and rich flavor you can add some.
  • Onion: Yellow or white onion will work greatly in the filling but I recommend white.
  • Toppings: You can use any topping but my recommendation is sliced avocadoes and cilantro.
  • Sauces: You can use the white sauce in your chicken enchiladas in white sauce. 

Some recommendations

  • If you want your enchiladas to be Mexican style then use corn tortillas but in the US people use flour ones.
  • Use white chicken enchilada sauce to make it taste perfect and rich flavor.
  • You can also use shredded beef and replace the chicken. 
  • You can also make this vegetarian but the main thing "Chicken" has to skip then.


  1. Before everything heat up the oven to be ready and prepare you white sauce for chicken enchiladas.
  2. Heat up some olive or vegetable oil in a medium size pan and add the onion and the ancho Chiles if you are using. Keep cooking for 3 minutes then add the small pieced chicken breasts.
  3. Now season it with your favorite peppers and some salt for taste and keep stirring until the chicken is cooked.  You can now add the beans and stir to mix them well. 
  4. Now take the tortillas to a flat surface and lay them, give them a layer of white sauce for chicken enchiladas. And put the chicken mixture on the tortillas in a shape to be easy to fold and make a roll.
  5. After nicely rolling them up put them in a baking dish which is a bit deeper and use the remaining sauce on top of the enchiladas and finally some cheese.
  6. Put them in already hot oven and bake for 20 minutes or until they are cooked. 

Now enjoy the chicken enchiladas easy recipes and chicken enchiladas bake, serve them as fresh as possible.

What else can be served with the chicken enchiladas?

You can serve the chicken enchiladas easy recipes with different dips and sauces. Like you can use salsa which is really really great thing to serve. Also a very famous dip called guacamole can be served with the chicken enchiladas in white sauce. Another great thing you can serve with it is the tortilla chips.

Any of these things will be a great match and a partner with your chicken enchiladas recipe easy. 

How long can you store chicken enchiladas?

The chicken enchiladas can have a great long life if stored properly in the freezer. You have to put them in a fully closed pot or box and then store them in the freezer. And then you can use them for 5 days or even a week. When you want to serve them again you can simply take them and put them in the oven. Well heat them and they are ready to be served again.

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