Beef burrito recipes make homemade burrito

The beef burrito recipes is my all time best recipe. I like the recipe for many reasons one of those reasons is that the beef burrito recipes are usually the one most flexible. You can customize it whenever and however you want. And you can add one of your favorite flavors to the same recipe. So you can enjoy both burrito and your favorite flavor all at once.

So that is the benefit of choosing the beef burrito recipes for your meals. The other thing is that the burrito recipe is usually people use it in breakfast. But I have seen the most people eating it in other meals. It means you are not bound to any thing if you want to have the burrito recipe in your next meal whether its breakfast or something else.

Another thing about it is that it is easy to learn and make so you can make it yourself at home. And that will become homemade burrito as you can see in the title of this post.

beef burrito recipes homemade burrito

Today we will be learning the recipe of homemade burrito. We'll use beef meat as the main ingredient of this dish. After making this amazing and delicious dish you can also store it in the freezer for next time use. 

You can simply reheat it and enjoy it in your meals. The homemade burrito can be a very helpful thing. Specially if you have someone coming over suddenly and you don't have something to be served fast. 

Why is beef burrito recipes so special?

In the Mexican Tex-Mex dishes it has quite a great name. It is so famous as well in Mexica and in the U.S as well. Most of the times the flour tortilla or some times the Chipotle flavored hot flour tortillas are used to make a roll with. And the other ingredients are stuffed in it.

To make the tortilla soft and prevent it from breaking while folding it. Most of the people heat it before using it as a roll. But some people even grill it before using it and that make it more soft unbreakable. And it even boost and doubles its taste.

To make the filling more tasty and delicious we will also use cheese beans and rice as well in the filling. That will make the filling taste unbelievable. And then if someone tastes it once then they will never forget it. The combined taste of homemade burrito. 

They will come to know what magic you have used in the beef burrito recipes. Eventually these simple things tastes magical when combined in the actual way. 

To prepare the recipe you will not take more than a little while. A few minutes are enough to make it amazingly. And then they will pay off your hard work and the little time you gave them. They will taste as if you have spent all the day preparing them. 

So if you ask me what to make in a really short time and easy my choice will not be other than the beef burrito recipes. You will enjoy making the homemade burrito because they will never take so long.

Healthy tex-mex food beef burrito recipes

You have to make sure that you are using the best quality ingredients in your homemade burrito. A fresh avocado may always make your meal healthier. So if you use good quality of your ingredients you will most probably have the most healthiest meal of your week or even a month. And it is all because the beef burrito recipes is all made of normal everyday ingredients. Which are probably the healthiest and we use them each and every day.

Beans and rice in beef burritos recipes

While discussing the rice in it I will say that it is completely optional to have rice in your burrito recipe. But the actual burrito is always made of meat, beans and some sauce like salsa. The rice will just fill the place of filling here so it is all up to you, if it is easy for you, then you can add it. Or if you want to have rice in it! But otherwise you can skip it as well.

While coming to beans I would never miss this thing. It is actually the best way to utilize my beans in. So I would not recommend to skip beans it actually tastes great having beans in your burrito recipe.


I have already mentioned it that I like burrito because it is very flexible so today it is your chance to be creative. You can add whatever flavor you like and believe me that will taste amazing. But still we will mention the usual ingredients we use in the recipe.

  • Ground beef: This is the main ingredient of today but as the recipe today is very flexible so you can use chicken as well if you want.
  • Sauces: you can use any sauce but I will recommend salsa
  • Beans: Black beans are recommended but white or other kind of them will be perfect.
  • Roll: Flour tortillas are always the best in this case but you can play around with the tastes and flavors of tortillas today. So you can also have chipotle flavored tortillas as well.
  • Filling: Some kind of sauce is recommended, the other things are tomatoes (chopped), sour cream, ground beef, and beans. You can also include rice or any thing you like.

How to make homemade burrito

You need brown beef and then ground it. But here is how you can brown your beef. Take some onion and chop it nicely. Season it with taco seasoning and add some garlic. You have to do it in a skillet and when the color of beef is turned from pink to brownish then add some beef broth, you can also add you beans here. Then add the shredded cheese here. Let the cheese melt down.

How to fill homemade burrito

When the beef mixture is ready to use and all the other ingredients like rice tomatoes, salsa and others are ready then heat your tortillas nicely. This will help them fold nicely without any trouble. So never use cold tortillas or you will ruin your whole recipe.

  1. First things first place the rice on one side of the tortillas if you are using the rice.
  2. The shape of placement of ingredients should be at one side and in a long roll shape.
  3. Add the mixture of beef, they should not be cold.
  4. Add sour creme, cheese, salsa and chopped tomatoes.

Fold the one end of burrito and other end against it. Start folding the tortilla from the side where the all the ingredients are lying. Tightly fold it in a roll shape till the tortilla ends.

Here you go, You have beef burrito recipes ready to be served and enjoyed!

Some questions

Some other questions I have heard around and they are pretty simple too. 

The questions are like can we cut the roll in a half? Of course you can, and it will be very easy for you to hold it and take bites from it while they are half. Even if you want to store them you should cut them and store them in freezer.

How much time can the burritos be saved?

The answer is: Well it depends up on your ingredients quality. How old were they when you utilized them into your beef burrito recipe? In general it can be stored up to 2 months while they are in freezer. They should be in a closed plastic bag all the time when in freezer. 

When you use them again you can heat them up in microwave. And serve them again.

If you want learn more recipes you can check our website.

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