How to make tortillas chipotle flavored at home from flour

 If you need an extra player for your home made meals then tortillas work great and delicious. Specially if a sauce is added which has a great and taste able flavor then usually nothing extra is needed.

Mexican foods are always welcomed in every corner of the world at any time.

What if a person doesn't have time to make these mexican foods? and doing these things regularly every evening and finding time is not easy now a days for anyone.

Then you should have some tortillas in spare to add some more taste and oomph to your dinner.

Now Learn How To Make Flavored Tortillas At Home recipe

We will focus on multi versions of tortillas today to make it. We will use adobo in one type of the chipotles and the other type will be powdered with chipotle.

The special thing about these types is that both recipe of them are extremely easy to be made ready for an awesome dinner with friends. Or you can also make it by your choice by adding some of your favorite sauces and tastes.

The way to make it will be the simple and every day method.

Take some usual and simple all purpose flour and add half a spoon of salt per cup of the flour.

Add a spoon of sheep lard per cup of the floor and break it with your fingers in the flour and salt.

Now if you have taken the amount of flour for 12 or 14 tortillas, split it in two parts to be different tastes. you can start with any of the described flavors you want to start with.

The chipotles needs to be cut in such a manner that the seeds are taken out or you can also take them out manually.

Mix the chipotles with half a cup of water and warm it up then blend it. 

And mix it with the mixture we made before, mix them with a spoon as much as possible.

Then take the flour out and dump it on a wide and smooth surface. Give them shape of ball.

To the other half we add the powder of chipotle to the mixture of flour and salt and mix it with the warm water and do the same thing as with the first half.

Now make small ball shape sizes from both of the half and wait for them at least 30 minutes, The tortillas will become easier to be rolled out.

Then use a flat surface to and rollout all the small ball shaped pieces of the mixture. Make them thin and a circle shape.

Use the black pot of the oven, place them one by one into the oven, Use a medium high temperature, A single tortilla is done when its red and bubbles are formed.

Flip the other side and do the same for the other side.

Repeat the process for each tortilla. make the brown spots due to heat.

After half a hour you will have you will have two tastes of tortillas made with flour.

Now lets taste it!

The most important part of a dish is that how does it taste like? Delicious right?

Now why does these two half tasted different? 

Just because the powdered chipotle is more powerful than the fresh blended chipotle mixture.

Both of them tastes amazingly nice with a background flavored chipotle.

Put a half fried egg in one of them and taste it, the white one is amazing but the photo shoot session should be with the one which is made with the powdered chipotle. 

Let me know if you had something special than me :)

Simply comes to the ingredients

For all the types we used 

1. Measured quantity of flour 

2. Half table spoon salt per each cup of flour taken

3. A spoon of oil per cup of flour used

4. warm water

5. chipotle powder 


1. The salt should be directly added to the flour and mixed well and more

2. break pieces sheep lard of using fingers and mixed well

3. The chipotle powder is more recommended.

4. Water should be warm 

5. Should be mixed well after adding water to the mixture. Make big ball shape and wait for a while. make spall pieces of them and then rollout.

5. Medium high heat is needed to be baked well.

6. Its not ready before the formation of bubbles and the brown spots on it.

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