Birria recipe Birria tacos recipe easy make at home

From the time we have made Chicken Tortilla soup, We have enamored with the The things used in that recipe specially the Chile.

This time we are going to make Birria Tacos Recipe and the Chiles we will use again Recipe For Birria and it is going to blow your mind.

How to make Birria Recipe de res

I admit that Quesabirria recipe is unconventional and the police may hate this because of unconventional-ness, but the crazy taste of Birria has made me to share the recipe with you.

birria recipe de res

If it's your first run on Birria than it's going to be a little bit harder for you but overall it's easy.

There is no difference if any protein you choose the and the sauce contains dried Chiles, there is also a mild sweetness coming from the roasted tomatoes.

The sauce is a great example of Mexican food recipe specially Mexican cuisine as it as a very rich taste.

Normally I start by putting in the oven first so that I can do some other things like cutting and preparing for the Mexican food recipe.

In this recipe I will use:

2 chipotles in adobo

4 Ancho dried chiles

3 New Mexican Chiles

This combination is one of those I love the most and use it quite frequently so be free to use it.

And the reason I used the Chipotles is because the taste of the Chiles is mild. To make the sauce mild you can use less Chipotle but 2 of them will give the sauce a real bammm. 

Cut the onion roughly and peeled garlic cloves and also use some oil on a normal heat.

It's going to be done by blender that's why I just cut the onion roughly and the pieces of garlic.

We took 3 lbs meat of beef in cut, Now we will give  a small sear to the chunks of meat before cooking.

Salt the meat in a good way and then add it to a skillet, the skillet should be oiled and heated before, continue the medium high heat for a while each side of meat.

Take the roasted tomatoes

half a table spoon cumin

freshly cracked black pepper 

half a spoon oregano

2 chipotle in adobo

the chiles 

deglazed stock 

garlic onion mixture

half a spoon salt

Put all of these things into the blender and give it some time.

The Birria sauce is now ready! It tastes satisfying and that will be even better when it mixes up with the beef.

Mix the beef with the sauce and leave it for a while, after that Cook on a low heat for 4-6 hours and that will tender the beef in that much time.

You can decrease the time of cooking and they will taste equally good but in that case the heat should be increased as they are inversely proportional :)

After cooking you can remove any of the fats over the surface of beef if any have risen while cooking for so much time.

Shred the beef by any tool if available at the time, I usually get the job done by two forks as it is quite easy doing that by forks.

I some times put the beef in a pot and once again douse the chunks with sauce to be coated in it.

Some sauce to use it in the incredibly delicious Birria, but I came through the short route just because I was hungry for the up-coming taste boom of Birria Tacos recipe.

I usually use the chipotle flavored tortillas to cover the amazing beef in it.

Put some cheese on the surface of tortilla to sky rocket the taste, After applying the cheese it's time to put on the beef in it.

You can also apply some vegetable salad if needed and then fold them a side. 

Birria the res, The Hero is ready to be served,

Mexican food recipe easy and authentic with such a rich flavor is Birria recipe de res. After work a full night (seriously) don't I have the right of my post to be shared with your friends? so please :)

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