Recipe for green salsa, recipe salsa Verde homemade

 The homemade version recipe for green salsa or the recipe salsa Verde is a great green sauce. It is more than a million times better than bottled thing which you get in a random store out there. It is so much deliciously full of amazing flavor and natural. You can trust it the most because you make it in your very own kitchen with your own hands. So that you can't expect some weird things mixed in it or instead you choose for yourself what's best for you. 

salsa verde green salsa recipe easy homemade

It makes the topping for every one of your favorite Mexican foods then they are very enjoyable. If you don't have complete recipes or meals you can simply serve it with any kind of chips. And I can easily guarantee you that the recipe for green salsa will just double the flavor and enjoyment of the thing you are eating. It is a perfect party or dinner sauce.

It is the same as red salsa but it usually replace the tomatoes of red salsa with tomatillos. And the when the color changes from tomatoes to tomatillo there it becomes green salsa or salsa Verde. Some people even consider the recipe salsa Verde a more better version of the red salsa. I totally respect their opinion but every thing has got its own value. Generally it is used as a dip for different type of Mexican dishes or chips. I will just say the recipe for green salsa is just amazing in taste.

Introducing to the recipe for green salsa

The recipe salsa Verde is a spice green color very famous sauce of the Mexican food culture. Its base ingredient is tomatillo unlike the other types of it which has tomato as its base ingredient. Moreover green chilli and different peppers are often in use with this recipe of the green salsa recipe. It is also called recipe salsa Verde.

People usually use it as a dip for different types of Mexican cuisines and often used for chips as a dip as well. Most of the dishes people serve the recipe salsa Verde with are tacos and chimichangas

Will focus on the roasted batch today and we will share all the ingredients and instructions how to make salsa Verde. The roasted version can not be dominate by any version among all the versions of it. After that we will bring our food blender in work and will just process it for a while. Thus you will have your recipe salsa Verde. Yes its that easy and less time consumptive for you to make homemade salsa Verde.

The roasted version is definitely preferable than the other which are left raw. After learning this recipe with us you will never visit the store any more for recipe salsa Verde. Just imagine you will have the perfect recipe for your dip. You can just take a little time and make it at home you will enjoy the short time in kitchen and plus you will have such an amazing thing to serve.

Ingredients of salsa Verde

These are the ingredients to use in this recipe but you can easily customize this recipe by adding some of your favorite flavors. 

  • Jalapeno: It is an important ingredient for the spice of the recipe salsa Verde. You can make it more mild or increase the amount of jalapeno or its seeds to grant some more spice to it.
  • Cilantro: Some fresh Cilantro will work great in a chopped shape.
  • Tomatillos: This is the base ingredient of the whole recipe, it is a little acidic flavor which will make the recipe taste amazing. 
  • Garlic: It is also taste granting ingredient and adding up to the recipe.
  • Onion: Don't skip it, as it will add up to the flavor.
  • Salt: It combines all the tastes of the ingredients and forms a great flavor of them. You just have to season it with salt.
  • Lime: Bright taste is contributed by lime juice.
  • Sugar: If you have made mistakes in amount of ingredients it will balance them for you.
  • Water: It will moist the salsa Verde and will make it thin.

Usually these ingredients people use in a great salsa Verde recipe. But add up your favorite peppers or tastes to make it better for your personally choice.

Now we will move on to learn how to make salsa Verde. It is really easy and simple to make recipe for green salsa and it will also take very less time. But in the end you will have very special thing.

Instructions to make it

Now that you got all the ingredients and set them inline we will share with you the secret recipe for green salsa. 

  1. Preparing the oven/broiler: Pre heat your oven or broiler over high heat and set it up for the up coming tomatillos and jalapenos.
  2. Roasting ingredients: Prepare your jalapenos and tomatillos to roast. Arrange all of them in a baking sheet. And then put the baking sheet in the oven or broiler which is already heated on high heat. Roast the jalapenos and the tomatillos 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Be careful with the as they can burn quite easily. Set them a side after roasting them.
  3. Slicing the ingredients: Slice the avocados and the tomatillos to a normal size to make the job easy for food processor. Remove the seeds entirely if you don't want the recipe for green salsa to be spicy. Also chop the fresh cilantro nicely and keep a side.
  4. Processing them: Put all the sliced ingredients in the food processor and give them several times a process while hot. Don't forget adding the salt, sugar, lime juice, garlic onion and a little of water if desired. Process them all together at once. 
  5. Concluding: Test the taste and adjust if you see something missing or less. Add some more water if you want it thin and use some cilantro at the top as well.

Why adding sugar to recipe salsa Verde?

It is not very necessary to add a little of sugar to the recipe however it makes the recipe one taste. I hope you got the point, it just makes the taste one great flavor. Not to taste like several different ingredients are just combined. So you can skip the sugar from it however it is better to have at least a little of sugar in the recipe for green salsa.

Is green salsa very spicy?

It has a decent amount of spice in it along with heat because of jalapeno. But as the recipe is customizable so you can just skip the seeds or even decrease the amount of jalapeno. But don't skip it because a little amount of jalapeno will not make it spicy at all. 

Use good quality of tomatillos to long last your recipe and make it taste better. Be careful while choosing tomatillos at the store, check each one using your hand. Select the soft ones not the ones like a rock also don't select the over ripe ones. Other wise they will make the recipe taste like old. 

Also do the same in case of jalapenos and choose great quality of jalapenos.

Same size of tomatillos will roast in the oven in very great way and will also have same taste. Process them good but not over process, the slightly chunky is always better. Add some water or it will be very thick.

Ingredients for specific amount of recipe salsa Verde

  1. 1.5 lbs tomatillos 
  2. One or two jalapeno as it is up to you
  3. Half chopped onion (yellow)
  4. A quarter of a cup cilantro freshly chopped
  5. Garlic powder 1 clove
  6. Salt the amount you like to season with
  7. Half table spoon sugar 
  8. 1 table spoon lime juice
  9. Water, the amount of thickness you like

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Enchilada sauce easy enchilada sauce homemade recipe

 This great and enchilada sauce easy recipe will take minimum of your time to prepare at home. The ingredients we will use in this recipe will be the most easily available at every store. At the end it will satisfy you with its amazing flavor and great taste. Although it takes minimum time ever but still if you are worrying about your time. Then believe me it will be worth it and it will repay your time by the great rich flavor of it. So just manage to have 5 minutes of your time in the kitchen and make this unbelievable enchilada sauce homemade.

My best secret to make your almost all recipes colorful is this enchilada sauce easy. It is a great combination with enchilada but it doesn't mean you can't use it somewhere else at all. The good thing is that this sauce has great combination with all the recipes a it has with enchilada. It will make you amaze every time.

After giving just 5 minutes of your time to this enchilada sauce easy. It will serve you for a long time by preparing just one time, Because you can store it as well. In fact I have been using this amazing enchilada sauce homemade with my favorite enchilada recipe for many years now. And I have been asked a million times about this recipe by friends every time I serve this great recipe.

It doesn't have tomatoes in ingredient list and you don't have to include it as well. Unlike the other sauces it contains some other ingredients and the flavor is all around those blended ingredients. These ingredients the super mild flavor having the oregano, chilli powder, some garlic and cumin. Besides mildness although you can grant it hotness if you want, the recipe flexible.

Introducing to the enchilada sauce easy

Enchilada is one of the most popular traditional street food in Mexico. So it becomes Mexican food recipe and it is usually served with the its famous enchilada sauce easy. The sauce is specially famous for enchiladas however people use it in other ways too. So it is not restrict to be only a serve with enchiladas. But usually many restaurants serve it with the Mexican soups as well which tastes too great with them.

The best part of this enchilada sauce homemade is that it is really quick to make. It will just take you 5 minutes and an additional 15 minutes at the stove so it becomes 20 minutes overall. The recipe we are sharing is the basic one but you can customize it with the hot flavor. It is free of tomatoes naturally but you can add some if you want. The creamy version of this recipe is also very famous so you can do that as well. 

The recipe enchilada sauce easy is entirely vegetarian from base point and you can make it gluten free as well if you want to do so. One thing more special is that the enchilada sauce homemade is preferable than the packed and canned ones by millions of times. Many people are already using it from a long time but if you are yet a new one just go with it without any further wait.

Lets discuss a little about the ingredients of the enchilada sauce easy.

Ingredients of enchilada sauce easy

Before jumping into the details of the enchilada sauce homemade let me tell you. That we are currently on the batch of red enchilada sauce so if you are confusing it with something else please come out of that. After this clarification lets just jump into the ingredients of red enchilada sauce.

  • Flour: Flour is a source of thickening of this sauce so you can use it more or less if you want.
  • Oil: You can use any non flavor oil in it or substitute it with butter as well. This ingredient helps the flour thicken the sauce.
  • Chilli powder: A first and most important seasoning for this sauce. So find great quality of this ingredient to have better taste of the whole recipe.
  • Seasoning: Oregano dried and cumin ground alongside with the garlic powder all of these should be in powder form.
  • Stock: You can use veggie or chicken any one of these but the quality of the stock should be good. This will increase in deep flavor of the enchilada sauce easy.
  • Salt: Use sea salt to season the sauce with at the end, the amount will vary from brand to brand.

After combining all these ingredients we will share the way how to make the enchilada sauce homemade.

How to make enchilada homemade

It is quite simple to make the enchilada sauce recipe easy you just have to follow the steps. The steps are quite easy and simple also very few steps to follow. At the end you will have the enchilada sauce homemade and then enjoy serving it with your favorite recipes and soups.

  • Cooking: Take a small pan usually used for sauce and called as sauce pan. Cook the desired amount of oil and flour in the pan together and then add the the sauces to them and cook for a little while.
  • Simmering: In the way of whisking the chicken or vegetable stock pour it into the flour and oil and don't leave any lumps in it. Now simmer the sauce at low temperature for about 15 minutes or to the thickness you want at low bubble.
  • Seasoning: Season it with the flavors or peppers you want to add and don't forget to season it with salt too.
  • Serving: Serve the best enchilada sauce easy as quick as possible with the recipes you like it. Enjoy it in your meals.

You can also make so many variations of this recipe to make it more delicious. Or you can do that for other purposes as well such as the gluten free version of it.

Gluten free version of enchilada sauce easy

If you want to make your enchilada sauce completely gluten free then you can just do it by following one of these two steps. You can either replace your normal regular flour the gluten free flour and follow the same way of complete recipe. Or you can replace the flour with corn starch, in this case also all the recipe will remain same you just have to substitute the flour with corn starch.

You can also make it creamy, if you want to make it creamy then just add the required amount of strong or so called heavy cream. You will have a great creamy enchilada sauce homemade. 

If you want to make it more spicy or hot just go with ancho Chile powder in case if you want to make it hot. Just add 1 - 2 tea spoons of ancho Chile powder and test the taste. Manage the amount of the powder and it will get the work done. Just like this you can also go with chipotle to make it more smokie. 

You are welcome to add some canned tomatoes to make it with tomatoes. 

Actually you need to become a little creative in this case so just go with all those flavors you love the most. And it will taste amazing.

Ingredients for a specific amount of the sauce

  • Oil: 2 table spoons of olive oil
  • Flour: Same amount as oil (2 tablespoons)
  • Oregano: 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • Stock: 2 cups of your favorite stock, chicken or vegetable
  • Cumin: Cumin powder 0.5 teaspoon 
  • Chilli powder: 2.5 table spoons
  • Salt: the amount you like

Enjoy the best enchilada sauce easy and the enchilada sauce homemade. 

Please share this recipe with friends and family if you like it.

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Recipe chicken tamales easy homemade tamales recipe

 In today's new recipe we will share with you recipe chicken tamales and it's ingredients. Besides that we will tell you how to make homemade tamales step by step. You can easily customize it in many ways if you want to have a different batch of this recipe. You will not need any Kind of lard and things that shorten the recipe. But still they will be really quick to make and prepare for great meals at home. You can easily store your easy recipe for tamales and enjoy it next time. Even after getting a freeze and becoming older they will be the same taste as they are fresh of the day.

Mexican recipe chicken tamales

The recipe chicken tamales were the recipe I could never make and learn in my mind before I learnt it. But as I learnt it I found that these are one of the most easy recipes I have ever seen. So don't be afraid of it, if you like it and want to make homemade recipe chicken tamales, you will find it easier than you were thinking of it.

In fact they will feel the most easy to make at home and taste it. I can't figure out why I was worrying about this recipe and hesitating. To give it a try for years while they were that easy that I couldn't believe it. Yes they will take some of your time to prepare it and make it ready. They take about 2 hours maximum to give them steam. But at the end they will be in a large quantity that you can serve up to 20 people. Or you can store them for a week to consume. Your dream to have homemade recipe chicken tamales will come true in just 2 hours. And then you can simply enjoy.

Full freezer recipe chicken tamales

If you take your time making the easy recipe for tamales or tamale recipe Mexican. You are definitely going to get paid back, because its not your effort only putting in with no output. The out put for the recipe chicken tamales will amaze you. And at the end you will not just have a single meal but instead you will have a full freezer of recipe chicken tamales for the week or even more.

For more than weeks I have been trying different types of the tamale recipe. But thinking of better one to share with you, finally I found the secret full of flavor recipe. The recipe has not been shared the way it has the right to be. But no worries I have the secret recipe chicken tamale and I will share it right away.

The recipe is never a greasy one or the one who has a ton of oil in it. It has the ultimate flavor you can ever expect from an easy recipe for tamales. It is moist and never a heavy one. On top of all it is customizable for different fillings you can ever think of. It can consist of chicken or beef alongside with vegetable and cheese and other flavors you love. So make your kitchen ready with the ingredients and invite someone to enjoy the time with. And have some tortilla chips to move your jaws over it. Then enjoy the period of making easy recipe for tamales.

Introducing to the recipe chicken tamales

Tamales recipe right? But what is it?

So Tamales recipe is a popular recipe in many of the countries of south america south. It comes from a long time and it is a traditional recipe that many of the people like around the region. But specifically we are talking about the Mexican recipe chicken tamales. It also has so many types in Mexico. But the main recipe is usually consisting of dough or the masa. Usually the recipe get steam while covered in a banana leaf or a husk of the corn. And the corn husk the plays the role of a plate for the tamale recipe Mexican. But we will be using dough in this recipe today. And finally the ingredients in this recipe are highly customizable so you can use different vegetables and chicken or beef.

But we will talk about the specific ingredients which we are using today in this recipe chicken tamales.

Ingredients for tamale recipe Mexican

The easy recipe for tamales needs these ingredients to make it at home.

  • Masa harina: In order to make the dough of corn you will need the corn powder also called masa harina, This is the corn powder to use in this batch.
  • Oil: For the dough we will need some oil and that oil should be one between avocado oil or corn oil. So it is up to you which one you want to use in the recipe chicken tamales.
  • Stock: Choose one between vegetable stock and chicken or beef stock all will work perfectly fine. So you can pick your choice.
  • Seasoning: You can use some cumin that should be ground, and baking powder, and some salt to season.

These are the ingredients for the dough to prepare and now we will share the ingredients for the fillings of the easy recipe of tamales.

Ingredients for filling of tamale recipe Mexican

  • Fillings: As we discussed before in this post that this recipe's ingredients are totally up to you. What ever you want to include you can include easily. You can literally include your leftover taco filling or quesadilla filling in here in the recipe chicken tamales. In fact it is the perfect time to use your any left over in the filling and it is the time to save some things form being thrown. Besides the leftovers you can just become creative and mix up some things and invent your own filling for tamale recipe Mexican. But if you want to get an idea from us for the filling of this recipe so they will usually include.
    • Beef: Any beef that is shredded or cooked will work great in this easy recipe for tamales. You also have the option of browning your beef or some ground beef. Some of the most popular recipes uses some steak in it to make the taste even more great.
    • Chicken: Instead of the beef or the shredded beef you can also use the shredded chicken in your batch. If it seems easy to you then definitely go for it and use some shredded chicken breasts which are boneless.
    • Beans: Black beans are very delicious to use in this recipe and they are very easy too. Or you can use canned beans as well. If you refry them it will be a lot better for to have it as a filling and refrying is actually very easy. It will be a great ingredient in your recipe chicken tamales.
    • Cheese: If you want to have some vegetarian options as a filling then nothing can beat cheese in this way. It is so much delicious and makes the whole recipe very rich flavor. You can also shred your cheese or even use shredded cheese.
    • Vegetables:

      You are always welcome to add as much kinds of veggies as possible. But the main thing here is that all the vegetables you include should be chopped and well sized. And if you roast them then it will be great for the taste of the recipe chicken tamales. The veggies you can possibly use are potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and other things like onion. You can also use some peppers such as well chopped poblano peppers and small pieces of fresh and great taste jalapeno.

    • Sauces: Sauces such as the the green salsa and the easy to make red salsa are really great if you include them.
    • Toppings: Adding a ton of toppings is one of my favorite parts of the recipe chicken tamales. Once I am done with the preparation of the recipe I usually add a ton of the chopped cilantro and some avocadoes and some times the sour cream is also at the top of the list.
  • Corn Husks: Dried corn husks are very important in this recipe as we need them to roll the all the fillings in. So you can use large and wide corn husks which are dried. And if you go for small ones then no problem just cover your fillings by two to of them. We will make some threads of some Husks to tie the rolls with. So the husks are important in any ways.

Making easy recipe for tamales

If you have been thinking that this recipe is not an easy job (Like me). Then it is the time to prove yourself wrong. Because this is actually very easy just follow these steps and you will have your easy recipe for tamales at the end.

  1. Soaking the husks: A big stock pot or a pan with a size of the husks will work for this step. Fit your corn husks in the in the pot and then add some very warm water into it. If the husks tries to float on the surface of water then you need to add some weight at the top of husks. So that the husks soak in the water and totally mix with the water. Then close the lid of the pot and leave it for 30 minutes or keep checking it until it gets soft.
  2. Making masa dough: Put the required amount of the masa in a large pot and add the baking powder, ground cumin and salt to it. Mix it with your hands or the a mixer. The mixer will make the work easy for you. 
  3. Making the fillings: Try some options from the above given options to make the fillings for your easy recipe for tamales. No worries as it will taste the best no regardless of the ingredients of the filling.
  4. Prepare for rolling: This step seems a little complex and hard but believe me it is easy and repetitive. Just lay down the husk and prepare the other ingredients such as the dough for use. The surface to lay the husks should be smooth, put some masa on husks and apply like cream on the surface of the husks.

Using the filling of recipe chicken tamales

  1. Add fillings: Add your fillings to on the center surface of the masa. The quantity of the filling should be 2 or 2.5 table spoons. 
  2. Folding the husks: Fold the husk from down to up vertically and very carefully. Then fold it from one side to other side very carefully and wrap masa and the filling into it. Continue folding it until it forms the shape of a roll. For easy recipe for tamales.
  3. Tying the tamale recipe: Cut 2 or 3 husks into thread like shapes to tie the easy recipe for tamales with. Then try tying the tamales with the thread like thin husks. Tie all the easy recipe for tamales.

Now as the tamales rolls are ready you have to steam it and this will be the final step of this recipe.

Steam the tamales

For steaming the recipe you need to have a strainer. Put all the rolls on the strainer and then add some water to the strainer and then cover with the lid and cook like that for half an hour the masa will be soft now. 

Your favorite tamale is now ready, try your best to serve warm and fresh it is the best part and full of flavor. Just keep in mind not to eat the  husks with the masa and the texture it will just act like a plate for your recipe. After opening the husks add some toppings from the above suggestions and then eat it. Enjoy your recipe chicken tamales :) .

Ingredients for recipe chicken tamales

  1. Dried corn husks as much needed.
  2. Masa harina 500g
  3. Some ground cumin, 1.5 spoons (tea)
  4. Corn oil or olive oil
  5. baking powder 1 spoon (tea)
  6. 6 Cups filling and that could be chicken filling or vegetable filling
  7. Salsa green about a cup
  8. 2 Teaspoon salt

After the recipe chicken tamales

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Taquito recipes homemade taquitos beef easy recipe


Introducing to taquito recipes

These best and one of my favorite Taquito recipes is very rich flavor and relaxing. They are smaller and in my opinion a little better than the rolled tacos. So they tastes very good and specific because of containing limited ingredients. And that is the reason behind the ease of making this recipe at home. Homemade recipe taquito recipes are always one of my favorite and best prepared recipe. Specially if it is the shredded beef, this version of the recipe makes me lost in the flavor. Just think of  that flavor of corn tortilla having the best toppings out there and a great amount shredded beef. The feelings makes me hungry even if I have eaten right now.

taquito recipes homemade easy

Now coming to the introduction of this recipe, in a nut shell "they are not actually tacos"! But they are matching with each other for sure. Actually the taquito recipes are a combination of shredded beef or chicken with beans or cheese. And a roll by corn tortilla in taquito recipes. While on other side the tacos are a little bigger and having more fillings like rice and jalapenos. They can be rolled by either a corn or a flour tortilla that is not specific. 

Someone can't just hide my love of these authentic Mexican food recipes. And probably that is the reason behind sharing all of these recipes with you. I still find some recipes that are new for me. Whenever I find some new Mexican authentic food recipe I get excited. Because I know it is amazing for sure. But yet there are things that I like the most in this food industry. And one of them is the recipe taquitos beef.

We will be covering the taquitos beef recipe today in this batch so lets just jump into it.

How to make the recipe

In Arizona we totally getting into the total Mexican food culture because there are restaurants every where around us. So it is now a part of our diet to have this great recipe in our meals. I specially like the homemade version but you can't just skip the restaurants too. So in restaurants they often have melt cheese on it and they also serve hot sauce or salsa. 

Cooking meat for taquito recipes

Now there are two methods of cooking the beef for taquitos. The first method is for those who can manage a lot of time and cook it slowly. And the second method to cook the beef is to cook it in an instant pot so you don't have to put all your time in it. And it is all up to you which method you choose according to your time and schedules. But we will share both of the methods here.

  1. The slow method: If you have enough time and you are willing to make it on slow cook then follow this method. Take the pieces of your beef and apply some peppers and salt to it. Chop some white onion for it and add it to the pot, now add cumin, some salsa, garlic and some broth. The broth is better to use beef, and remember to use a deep pot and a little more broth. Now leave it on low heat and cook it for up to 8 hours. After the meat should be soft enough to shred it. Use a fork and a spoon or knife to shred the beef for taquito recipes.
  2. The instant cooking method: Apply this method when you want your recipe taquitos to cook instantly. In this way you have to make your beef in such a way to cook easily. For that purpose you have to cut your beef in four pieces and make it smaller than the first method. Also place it in the instant pot or a pressure cooker and add all the same ingredients as the first method. Only one thing extra for this method and that is chilli powder. Now cook it for about 45 - 50 minutes.

Prepare recipe taquitos

Leave it until the timer rings, then let it release pressure slowly and don't remove the lid before pressure finishes naturally. Start shredding the meat with a fork and don't leave big chunks of fats into it. 

Take your corn tortillas and warm for the taquito recipes it in preheated pan with high temperature. Cook each side about 20 to 40 seconds on high heat and flip the other side. Heat all of them this way. 

Now lay your tortillas and spread 2 spoons of the shredded taquitos beef on one side of it and give it long shape. Roll the recipe taquitos up tightly and to make it more secure run toothpicks through it.

Now it is time to fry or bake the rolled tacos / taquito recipes. Again there are 2 methods to make it, you have to bake it or fry it in oil. If you want it a little crispy and a little oily then fry it or you can bake it as well it is all up to you.

How to bake or fry the taquitos beef

If you want your rolled tacos to be a little more crispy and contain more oil so you should fry it. Otherwise you can bake it in the oven with a little of oil, that will be crispy too but not like the fried version. We will share both of the methods.

  1. Fry batch of rolled tacos: To fry it take up to 2 inches of vegetable oil in a large skillet and heat it on medium high. Then gradually add 2 to 3 rolled tacos to the hot oil. The taquito recipes will turn brownish and will become brownish in a short time. Turn it the other side in the oil and cook for same time on other side as well. This way you will have your fry taquitos beef. Do the same for all the remaining taquito recipes.
  2. Bake batch of recipe taquitos: In order to bake them instead of frying them in oil you have to preheat the oven at 420 degrees. Take an oil brush and apply some oil to the tortilla rolls. And put them in the oven for 20 till it turns brownish. Repeat the process for all the batch.

Your rolled tacos / taquitos beef are ready to serve, now you can enjoy the hard work you just did. I believe they will pay you back for sure and they will be such a great thing to eat.

It will be really more worth it if you serve it with some guacamole, red easy salsa and some cheese. These will make your table look filled and it is an easy way to increase the taste too.

How to store taquito recipes

It is really easy to store the extras of your recipe and utilize it by time. You just have to pack it in a sealed box or pot or even a plastic bag and then store it the freezer. It will take too much time to expire if it is frozen and stored. Then later just heat it up and enjoy your stored work, It is a great source to have fun easily.


  • Beef the amount you need
  • Salt and ground peppers to season with
  • Chilli powder 1.5 table spoon 
  • One teaspoon garlic powder
  • Some salsa
  • 3 teaspoons cumin
  • 1.5 chopped onion
  • 8 - 10 corn tortillas
  • vegetable oil 
  • beef broth

Instructions to make recipe taquitos

  1. Put all the ingredients in the pot except the cooking oil, cook for 7 - 8 hours if you want to cook on slow temperature.
  2. If you want to cook in an instant pot, then do the same but in instant pot for 50 minutes, don't release the pressure through the lid. Let it release pressure naturally.
  3. Shred the beef and discard big chunks of fats from it.
  4. Put 2 spoons of the shredded beef in the corn tortilla on one side and roll it tightly. To secure it more run tooth pics through the tortillas of your taquitos beef.
  5. If you want to fry it then pre heat 2 inches of vegetable oil in a large pan on medium high heat. Put 3 - 4 taquito recipes in the pan and fry it for a little time until it turns brownish and crispy. Do the same for each side of the recipe.
  6. Fry all of the rolls in batches.
  7. To bake them apply some oil with oil brush and put them in a preheated oven with 420 degree temperature. Bake it for 20 minutes until turns brownish.
  8. Your taquito recipes is ready to serve and enjoy.
  9. If you want to store it immediately then wait for some time until it cools down. Then pack it in a sealed box or plastic bag and put it into the freezer. It will have a long life with you if you store it in freezer. Utilizing after freezing so easy just heat it up in the oven and serve it.

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